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Vision and Facts

May 2021

Vision and direction

viaGood aims to build the largest community of people who want to change the world for the better.

viaGood wants to highlight the most serious problems and offer the simplest possible form of effective solutions.

viaGood intends to provide information on developments in the supported areas.

viaGood wants to give everyone the opportunity to present themselves in relation to the areas that personally matter the most (as a means of expressing social responsibility and the impact of their good deeds).

viaGood aims to provide everyone with a simple tool to motivate others to improve the world.

In the future, viaGood intends to become the number one international platform for improving the world.

What is viaGood?

viaGood is a mobile application that enables the world to be changed through good deeds. It is possible to save animals from extinction, protect Nature and to help people in need.

How does it work?

There are 41 areas in viaGood in which it is possible to help. Among others, protecting rainforests, removing plastics from oceans, preventing poachers from hunting elephants, promoting children’s education and assisting seniors. Users receive news about all these areas concerning specific global improvements, or where more aid is still needed. If a user decides to help, in one click he/she will be able simply to support the best local non-profit organization that provides aid in the respective area. At the same time, users learn how the aid works specifically and what else they can do, in addition to financial support (Daily Tips).

What makes viaGood special?

Each contribution of assistance simultaneously supports a campaign on the largest social networks, drawing attention to the relevant issue, and thus multiplying the effectiveness of the aid.

Moreover, users can interact with each other, appreciate the good deeds of other users, motivate each other and monitor the development and positive impact of their activities, as well as the activities of other users. This is a social network for all good people.

Building a better world

viaGood users are also building their own, better virtual world. Initially, this world is empty and gray. With each contribution to a good cause, the virtual world is expanded with a specific symbol (for example, when supporting rangers in the African rescue camp for the protection of critically endangered rhinos, the user will receive a symbol of a rhino in his world, which communicates to him and informs him about everything related to the protection of rhinos).

What does it look like?

viaGood is similar to Facebook, but instead of “Likes”, there is a simple promotion of good causes

viaGood is a bit like a computer game (e.g. SimCity), but the elements of building are only gained by supporting an actual good cause

viaGood is like a news reader, but you learn only about the development in the areas that you wish to support, and which you have already supported

When did the idea originate?

2015: idea to connect a large number of people through technology for the purpose of improving the world

2017: first concept of the viaGood mobile application (version 1.0)

2019: concept as a social network (version 2.0)

2020: pilot operation of version 3.0

2021: gradual release of final version 4.X

How many people are working on it?

viaGood is comprised of an international team of 14 people in these locations: United States, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Who selects non-profit organizations?

The non-profit organizations, to which part of the raised funds goes, are selected by the team of the viaGood Foundation, after careful consideration of many factors (reviews, ranking, direct aid ratio, local impact, size, stability and ability to meet their obligations). In the viaGood application, the best possible organization for the specific area is always available to the user. Another part of the funds will be utilized by the viaGood Foundation for campaigns highlighting the most serious problems facing the world today, and their solutions.

Which areas can be supported?

Preserve the Arctic

Support Clean Air

Reduce Toxic Substances

Fight Climate Change

Plant Trees and Save the Forests

Clean Oceans from Plastic Waste

Solve Water Crisis

Preserve Rainforests

Solve Local Environmental Problems

Protect Whales

Save Bornean Orangutans

Protect Chimpanzees

Protect Giant Pandas

Protect Mountain Gorillas

Save Polar Bears

Protect Sea Turtles

Protect African Wild Dogs

Save Cheetahs

Protect African Elephants

Protect Grevy's Zebra

Protect Lions

Save Penguins

Protect Sharks

Protect Snow Leopards

Protect Spectacled Bears

Protect Tigers

Protect Manta Rays

Save Rhinos

Help Feral Cats

Help Stray Dogs

Stop Animal Cruelty

Give Children Hope

Inspire Young People

Protect Children at Risk

Feed Hungry Children

Support Child Education

Save Children's Lives

Stop Global Diseases

Support Gender Equality

Support LGBTQ

Break the Cycle of Childhood Poverty

Help Seniors

Help Homeless People

End Violence